Nic Cage’s Reddit AMA Included A Firm ‘Yes’ To One Sequel Idea And Hesitation For Another

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Nicolas Cage is currently promoting The Unbearable Weight Of Massive Talent, in which he plays a not-version of himself named Nick Cage, and his interviews have been particularly entertaining of late. He’s revealed that he regrets nothing about his VOD roles (and in fact, they helped him a whole lot), and we’ve learned plenty about his pet crow. In addition, Cage stepped up to do a Reddit AMA.

Yup, these things can often take a “for better or for worse” turn, but the event yielded some gems, including how he and Charlie Sheen both went bonkers about some square-tube pasta about 25 years ago in San Francisco. Multiple Reddit commenters joked about John Travolta actually running the thread, and the subject repeatedly turned to sequels. There was one Cage project that did receive an unconditional “yes” from him, and no, it wasn’t Con Air (I really only wanted to use a Con Air photo, so that’s what happened above). Rather, Nic feels great about doing a Face/Off followup:

However, he’s not so keen on a Ghost Rider sequel, although he seems open to hearing more, should Kevin Feige decide to come calling:

As far as a National Treasure sequel goes, Cage has clarified that it’s not up to him:

You can read the rest of Nic Cage’s Reddit AMA here while everyone waits for Mandy director Pano Cosmatos to reconsider shutting down an idea for a sequel there. Just put a dozen of them in production, alright? Get it done, Hollywood.


New Facebook Page: