Netflix Is Chasing Hallmark Fans With The Lindsay Lohan Rom-Com ‘Irish Wish’

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Sealing the deal on their two-movie contract, Netflix is following up the Lindsay Lohan-starring Falling For Christmas with a rom-com called Irish Wish. The Ireland-set film stars Lohan as a bridesmaid named Maddie at the wedding of her best friend (yay!) and the love of Maddie’s life (boo!). Maddie makes a wish, wakes up engaged to her love, and then discovers that this world isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Classic case of Wish Remorse.

According to Variety, Falling For Christmas director Janeen Damian will also direct and write Irish Wish. Damian has served as executive producer and/or writer on several Hallmark and made-for-TV rom-coms, like The Christmas Waltz, A Royal Christmas, Crown For Christmas, and A Princess For Christmas. Her foray into Ireland marks a rare departure from Christmas-based romantic goofballery. Unless the wedding is in Ireland and at Christmas, which is totally possible.

This is pure speculation, but the lack of pronouns in the plot synopsis at least leave the door open for this to be a romance between two women. They might also be leaving their options open since they haven’t cast anyone else. Again, speculation.

At any rate, good for Lohan! She’s been missing from the mainstream scene since the very Schrader-ish Paul Schrader movie The Canyons in 2014, so it’s high time for a bit of a Renaissance. First she’ll take over Christmas, then Ireland, then the world.

(via Variety)


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