‘Nah. we’re looking for a different brand of workplace trauma’: Former restaurant worker shares difficulties switching from food service to retail work

In a stitched video, TikToker Maude (@maude_ifhy) shared the difficulty she experienced breaking into retail work after starting out at food service jobs. Many viewers shared similar concerns in the comments. 

The original video posted by @autumnr4yn3 showed the user frustrated with herself, wishing she could “back in time to stop myself from gaining restaurant experience instead of retail, but I’m 5 seconds too late.”

“Nah so that’s the realest thing I’ve ever seen maybe,” Maude says after showing the stitched video.

@maude_ify #stitch with @autumnr4yn3 we’re all destined to be wage slaves til we die 🙌🏻 #usa ♬ original sound – Maude

Maude says that teenagers often think they can take a restaurant job and pivot to retail, but she says it’s not that easy. Based on her experience, the TikToker says it’s much more difficult to switch between industries. If you want to work in retail, you should start in retail, she adds. 

“Even in retail, it’s about who you know,” they conclude in the clip. “I fucking hate this country.”

In the comments section, viewers agreed with Maude’s take. 

“No literally i’ve only worked in a restaurant my entire life and can’t leave,” one user shared.

“I’m working at Trader Joe’s and desperately hoping that it’s close enough to retail that I’ll be able to switch over,” another said. 

“They really said, ‘Nah. we’re looking for a different brand of workplace trauma,’” a third viewer commented.

In regards to the last comment, Maude made a video with further explanation.

“I think that there’s actually a lot of truth to this comment which is to say that it’s hard to get a job in retail after you’ve already had a job in food service and vice versa, as opposed to getting an entry level job in either when you’ve never had a job before” they say. 

@maude_ify Replying to @vernieslack ♬ original sound – Maude

Maude believes that retail and the restaurant industry are similar in the sense of customer service, but there are quirks that make either industry different. For example, she claims the restaurant industry is more inclined to try and skirt around worker’s rights more than retail.

The Daily Dot reached out to Maude via Instagram direct message for comment.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/food-service-to-retail/