The Waffle House waffle sandwich has taken TikTok by storm — and Waffle House employees aren’t having it.

For context, the sandwich itself is relatively simple. Pioneered by TikTok user Shantell (@shantellxoxo), the sandwich is essentially a bacon cheeseburger placed between two waffles. 

Despite its simplicity, off-menu TikTok trends have been known to put an additional and unexpected strain on workers. Many items, such as the recent Chipotle quesadilla trend, have resulted in employees making videos begging viewers to stop ordering it, or employees dubiously denying that they can make the menu item altogether.

Now, the recent Waffle House waffle sandwich trend has caused another group of employees to reach their breaking point.

In a video with over 81,000 views, TikTok user Nina (@ninabeauxbina) shows a team of Waffle House employees, with one audibly decrying the famed sandwich.

@ninabeauxbina yall got these #wafflehouse employees fed tf UP with these #wafflehousesandwhich 😂 my guy said they are DONE. #tiktoksandwich #wafflehouseshenagins #fyp ♬ original sound – NINA 💘

In the clip, the creator asks, “No more sandwiches?”

“Nah. We is not doing TikTok sandwiches,” an employee replies. “Nah, we done with that. Done.” 

“Yall got these #wafflehouse employees fed tf UP with these #wafflehousesandwhich,” writes Nina in the caption. “my guy said they are DONE.”

In the comments section, many users commented on the trend in general.

“People chose the wrong place to make a tiktok meal,” one user wrote. “Waffle House employees will deny you so fast.”

“They’ll be mad when Waffle House decide to make it an official menu item,” another added.

Other users claimed that it was easy for customers to make the sandwich themselves using other Waffle House menu items.

“Hell I don’t blame em. All they gotta do is order an All star with an extra waffle have them put it together themselves,” a commenter stated.

“Why don’t people just order the stuff that goes with the sandwich and assemble it on their own instead of having these cooks stressed,” a second shared.

Still, some thought the cooks were overreacting.

“I don’t get the attitude tho lol,” a user said. “Isn’t it basically the same effort as making an all star meal??”

“I’m pretty sure the cook just supposed to cook the food last time I remembered,” an additional commenter offered.

We’ve reached out to Nina via Instagram direct message.

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