‘My social life is closed till next paycheck after that’: Worker can’t go out for dinner because her paycheck is $1086 and rent is $1076, sparking discussion

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According to an article published in August by CNBC, 61% of Americans lived paycheck-to-paycheck in June of this year. Paired with the rising cost of everyday goods due in part to inflation, this incredible financial strain has forced many Americans to cut back on their spending.

However, this can put people in an awkward situation, as noted in a viral video posted by TikTok user @lieutenantcrunch.

In a TikTok clip with over 1.3 million views, @lieutenantcrunch writes, “When my coworker asks to get dinner after work but my biweekly paycheck came out to $1086 and my rent is $1076.28,” in the text overlay, while mouthing audio from Wendy Williams saying, “don’t ask.”

In the comments, @lieutenantcrunch added that she lives “in 1 of 4 bedrooms with 3 roommates.”


Partly my fault but also no one should struggle to pay bills if they’re working full time.

♬ original sound – Wendy Williams Clips

The video soon set off a discussion, with many users saying they were in a similar situation to the one portrayed in @lieutenantcrunch’s video.

“Paycheck is 1500 and rent 1450,” one user wrote. “Dying.”

“Lol my rent is 1,455,” a second claimed. “I got paid 1,200 I gotta save a whole 1000 and live off 200 till I get paid again.”

“I don’t have enough money to save, so my second check of the month is my ‘rent check’ and my social life is closed till next paycheck after that,” a third alleged.

“Same plus phone bill, water, electricity, wifi, gas, car payments,” a fourth detailed. “Idk how people are surviving.”

More users were simply thankful to discover that others were facing the same issues.

“I am so relieved that I’m making the same money as someone else on this app bc it seems like everyone is rich,” a commenter stated.

“I’m relieved too I see everyone out here spending all this money and I’m like ??? Am I missing something,” another offered. “I have bills.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @lieutenantcrunch via TikTok comment.

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