Muna Questions A Lost Love In Their New Single, ‘Home By Now’

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A month out from their upcoming self-titled album, Muna has released “Home By Now,” a new single in which the Los Angeles-based trio dwells on a breakup, wondering if they’ve made the right choice.

Rife with pulsing synths and bass, the ’80s-influenced track features the group’s Kate Gavin asking, “Would we have turned a corner if I had waited? Do I need to lower my expectations? If we kept heading the same direction, would we be home by now?” It’s a song that beautifully embodies the feelings of loss while offering a form of solace on the dance floor.

“‘Home By Now’ is the song on the record that we feel might be closest to our first album in that it’s a dance song with brutal lyrics and an emo bridge, said Gavin in a statement. “It’s a breakup song that’s a bit more full of longing and doubt than ‘Anything But Me.’ While a lot of this album does seem to be about trusting my instincts, this song acknowledges the pain of not knowing if I left a relationship that I was meant to be in.”

Check out “Home By Now” above.

Muna is out 6/24 via Saddest Factory. Pre-save it here.


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