Millie Bobby Brown Says Finn Wolfhard Is A Bad Kisser

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It amazes me how celebrities are still willingly signing up for those hilarious Vanity Fair lie detector test interviews, knowing they’re gonna be put on the spot and asked some seriously awkward questions.

It started off easy, with the interviewer asking things like whether Millie knows how to speak Spanish and if she thinks she does a good American accent — but became more intense with every answer.

After admitting that she thinks Sherlock Holmes is a better detective than Jim Hopper and stating that Eddie should have died in Stranger Things Season 4, Millie moved on to a couple of questions about Finn Wolfhard, who plays her onscreen boyfriend, Mike Wheeler, on the show.

At one point, the interviewer brought up how Millie once said “kissing sucks” after she kissed Finn for the first time and questioned if Finn was just “a lousy kisser.” “He is,” Millie responded.

Then she dropped her head down in shame once the polygraph examiner confirmed she was telling the truth.

The interviewer then asked, “So, he hasn’t gotten better?” “Not with me, no,” Millie answered.

When asked if she had told him this, Millie said she hadn’t. “He’s gonna find out,” the interviewer replied, to which she gave a “That’s OK.”

It’s really her facial expressions and squeals throughout the interview that get me — but overall, Millie handled it like a champ!


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