‘Maybe she was lonely and wanted to hang’: Patrons complain after stranger sits at their table at bar, sparking debate

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A TikToker’s frustration over a random woman sitting at the same table as her during a night out at the bar sparked debate among viewers, but the story she later told about what went down explains how weird the whole thing really was.

Clarissa (@kittykittylicklicks) first drew attention for the dark, grainy video she shared from inside the bar, showing how a woman she and her boyfriend didn’t know was just quietly chilling at their small table.

“I have to post an actual story time when I’m not in such a loud environment, it went kinda south real fast after this,” she warned. “I actually can’t believe how absurd this whole experience was.”

@kittykittylicklicks I have to post an actual story time when I’m not in such a loud environment, it went kinda south real fast after this. I actually cannot believe how absurd this whole experience was. #foryou #fyp #karens #crazyKarens ♬ original sound – Clarissa Ann Marcum

While Clarissa’s perspective on the matter was clear, some viewers tried to offer up explanations for why this may have just been a harmless move on the woman’s part and not something to get annoyed over.

“Maybe she was lonely and wanted to hang,” @jenniferhustedbri suggested.

“Some of the bars I have been to are ‘table share’ places where ppl just take what seats are available,” @stephsaquaticworld added.

A lot of viewers were immediately on Clarissa’s side, however, with one writing, “‘What if she didn’t want to [sit] alone’ so what lmao.’”

The TikToker later ducked outside the bar to record a storytime video, explaining that this was actually the third random woman who sat down at their table, although all the women seemed to know each other.

The first two were “drunk and stumbling,” Clarissa alleges, and eventually left after Clarissa and her boyfriend’s facial expressions made it clear they weren’t wanted. She says they chatted briefly with the woman in the video.

After an awkward silence and a few uncomfortable attempts by the woman to make conversation, Clarissa says the woman’s friends returned and actually grabbed the table to try to move it elsewhere in the bar.

@kittykittylicklicks I really don’t understand the entitlement. #lifeisweird #lifeiswild #foryou #fyp #karen #karensgoingwild ♬ original sound – Clarissa Ann Marcum

“Josh finally puts his foot down and he grabs the table and he’s like, ‘No! Y’all aren’t moving our table. We were here first and we don’t want you here,’ pretty much,” Clarissa recalls. 

That wasn’t even the end of it, with a final TikTok on the situation diving into alleged attempts to steal Clarissa’s food and an unproductive chat with the bouncer.

The Daily Dot has reached out to @kittykittylicklicks via Instagram message.

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