Marlon Humphrey Got ‘Madden’ To Change Its New Trailer After A Clip Showed Him Getting Ran Over

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Players really care about their image in Madden. They don’t try hide it, either — look around Madden Ratings week and you’ll find players commenting on their rating or campaigning to get it increased. How these players are presented in Madden is a big deal.

It’s that expectation of respect that led to Ravens corner Marlon Humphrey calling out the Madden Twitter account on Monday when it dropped the new FieldSENSE trailer, which advertises tons of new features for the game, including animation branching. It’s right in that section of the trailer where a clip can be seen of Humphrey getting ran over by Browns running back Nick Chubb. Not only that, but Humphrey’s name is shown prominently across the screen as he’s being shoved to the ground.

Unsurprisingly, he wasn’t very happy about this.

While it wasn’t quite as prominent, Ravens teammate Tony Jefferson found a clip of him being hurdled by someone on another rival, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Like any good teammate, Humphrey made sure Jefferson knew he had his back.

EA and the Madden team responded by altering the trailer to feature a close-up of Humphrey and Jefferson laying down a hit on Chubb to break up a pass play, and Humphrey told them he was far happier. The bad news: Now, they have to apologize to Chubb.

Next time, Madden should make a trailer made up entirely of guys who are not on Twitter.