Mark McCloskey, The Unhinged Lawyer Who Pointed A Gun At BLM Protesters, Got Clobbered In His Senate Primary Race

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You might remember Mark McCloskey. He was the unhinged lawyer who, along with his wife Patricia, brandished firearms at BLM protesters marching through their gated St. Louis community. They faced felony charges, but pleaded them down to misdemeanors. Mark was immediately hailed as a new GOP star. He and his wife made video appearances at that year’s wild Republican National Convention. Mark was so emboldened that he ran for Senate. Well, anyway, sometimes dreams, they simply don’t come true.

As per The Daily Beast, in the Republican primary held on Tuesday, McCloskey nabbed a mere 3% of the vote. That means he came in a distant fifth. Besides, the race was already dominated by one even more out-there candidate, who also lost.

Like McCloskey, Eric Greitens — the state’s former governor, who resigned in disgrace in 2018 — released a campaign video in which he toted big guns. Unlike McCloskey, Greitens went so far as to fantasize about using them to hunt RINOs, or Republicans in Name Only. Greitens came in third, with only 19% of the vote, with the nomination going to the state’s attorney general, Eric Schmitt.

The general public is notoriously fickle and easy to forget. So it goes with McCloskey, who thought he could ride a deranged public outburst into a position making laws in D.C. Instead, his law license was suspended indefinitely, and an appeal was shot down back in June. Let this be a lesson that pointing guns at people later revealed to be unarmed won’t make you a superstar, not even with the Republican Party.

(Via The Daily Beast)


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