Margot Robbie Knew She’d Made It Big When Jack Harlow Rapped About Her In ‘Side Piece’

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Don’t underestimate the power Jack Harlow’s lyrics hold. To start this week, Page Six reported that Harlow is dating Dua Lipa, which would be notable on its own but is especially so because the 24-year-old Louisville rapper named one of his Come Home The Kids Miss You tracks “Dua Lipa.” His Atlantic labelmate gave her blessing for the song’s release, and allegedly, Harlow manifested with, “I’m tryna do more with her than do a feature.”

Margot Robbie, meanwhile, once thought she would “slip under the radar” in Wolf Of Wall Street but instead became a global movie star — most recently starring in Babylon and generating tons of buzz for next year’s Barbie. But Robbie didn’t cite her acting achievements — not even the two Oscar nominations — as validators that she was an A-lister when chatting with Carey Mulligan for the latest installment of Variety‘s “Actors On Actors.”

She nodded toward Harlow’s Come Home track “Side Piece.”

Toward the end of the 47-minute conversation, Robbie admitted to Mulligan that she never thought she’d be able to get her for Promising Young Woman because she held Mulligan in the same rarefied air as Meryl Streep and “prestige actors.” (Robbie was a producer, and Mulligan earned an Oscar nomination for her leading role.) Mulligan shared a recent instance when she’d been recognized as her Promising Young Woman character at her husband Marcus Mumford’s show, which led to Robbie asking what Mulligan’s “I know I’ve made it when” moments have been.

“I’ve always thought to myself, I was like, ‘I’ll know I’ve really made it when a legit rapper uses my name in a rap,” Robbie added. “Jack does mention my name in a song. I was very excited. My friends all sent it to me because they were like, ‘It’s happened! You’ve made it!’”

In the second verse of “Side Piece,” Harlow raps, “I need somethin’ besides the inside of these hotel rooms and lobbies / Maybe I should pick up a hobby / More like probably / More like Margot Robbie.”

Watch Mulligan and Robbie’s full “Actors On Actors” conversation below.

Jack Harlow and Dua Lipa are Warner Music artists. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


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