Man persistently asks woman to go home with him on ‘first date’ in viral TikTok

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The TikTok account for Invisawear (@invisawear), a discreet safety product offered by security company ADT Security Services, posted a video featuring a recreation of a “true story.” According to the video, a woman went on a first date with a man who persistently asked her to go home with him.

The clip begins with a text overlay that reads: “It was our first date and he wouldn’t stop asking me to go home with him,” paired with a recording focused on the lower half of what appears to be a man’s torso, cutting out his face.

@invisawear My date would not stop asking me to go home with him, based on a true story. #foryou #safety #selfdefensekeychain #safetyjewelry ♬ original sound – invisaWear

It then cuts to the woman, who is filming from beneath the table, with her phone’s camera pointing up at her face. The woman holds a drink in one hand as a man, presumably her date, talks off camera.

“I don’t see what the problem is if you come home with me tonight,” the man says.

“I mean it’s our first date. I just want to get to know you better,” the woman says.

“I mean I feel like you’re being a tease,” the man says before the video then cuts to the woman showing off an Invisawear necklace, a safety product designed to alert the security company, ADT, of the wearer’s location.

“I pressed my Invisawear necklace twice to send my location to ADT just in case,” the TikToker wrote in the video’s text overlay. The clip then cuts to a text message screen that shows a message from Invisawear that reads: “Lauren, this is ADT Security. You initiated an emergency alert through your InvisaWear device. If you can, please send details about the emergency.”

The video then transitions to Lauren’s face with another overlay that reads: “They texted and I asked them to monitor me and sent his picture.”

Her follow-up text reads: “Hi I’m NOT in immediate danger but this guy I’m on a date with is being persistent about me going home with him, can you monitor the situation? His name is [redacted] and this is how he looks like.”

She adds, “If I stop replying they’ll notify police.”

The TikTok account maintains that while the video is not real, it is a depiction of a real event. It is presumed the incident happened to an Invisawear customer. The video was viewed over 8 million times since May 20, making it the second most popular video on the account. The account has nearly half a million followers and shares safety tips and other stories like this one.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Invisawear via email.

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