Man Leaves Girlfriend In Restaurant Over Spaghetti

In the comment section of the Reddit thread, plenty of people chimed in to say that slurping and noticeably bad table manners in public are not OK, and despite being pretty harsh, the OP wasn’t the A-hole in the situation:

“I have to go with [not the a-hole]. If she’s slurping loud enough to draw attention every time she has noodles, that’s too much. And it’s not like you’re telling her she’s not allowed to eat noodles, just not at a restaurant with you. She can make spaghetti at home.”


“Being in the comfort of your own home is one thing, but it’s not that hard to clean up and change manners when out in public, in fact it’s quite easy. The way you dealt with it wasn’t great however you did warn her and she didn’t handle the situation well either.”


“She also intentionally changed her order despite knowing how much it bothered you, and you did give her fair warning you wouldn’t eat pasta with her in a sit down restaurant. Ironic she’s mad at you for embarrassing her once when she’s been embarrassing you repeatedly with this.”