Love Is Blind’s Danielle And Nick File For Divorce

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Yup, according to court documents obtained by BuzzFeed, Danielle Ruhl filed for divorce from Nick Thompson on August 15.

You might remember Nick and Danielle from Season 2 of the show, whose highlights included Nick’s DIY toothpaste and an argument where he was dressed as a corn on the cob.

The news might come as somewhat of a surprise, given that Danielle said that she wanted a second wedding ceremony and kids with Nick a mere few weeks ago.

However, this isn’t even the only Love Is Blind divorce news this week! Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones announced their split via a joint Instagram statement a few days ago:

Cast-mate Natalie Lee posted a video of the gals grabbing drinks, so at least there’s that!

For those curious, I did a cursory glance at the Season 1 couples — and Amber Pike and Matthew Barnett/Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton seem to be together!


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