Lauren Boebert Marked The End Of Her Rootin’ Tootin’ Shooters Grill Restaurant By Threatening ‘Exciting Things’ To Come

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Lauren Boebert is onto bigger and better things after news of her beloved Shooters Grill restaurant closing. (Or so she says!) This closure had been reported for weeks and followed hot on the heels of ex-employees airing their grievances about missing paychecks (and the alleged splashing out of dollars elsewhere by Boebert) and years after the eatery developed a certain reputation due to a 2017 food poisoning outbreak tied to pork sliders.

The rootin’ tootin’ lawmaker ignored the news for nearly a day, preferring to tweet all day about inflation, which is not news to anyone at all. Finally, though, Sarah Palin 2.0 acknowledged that the Rifle, Colorado joint (where servers were encouraged to carry guns on their person) was wandering off into restaurant heaven. She tweeted a statement that ended with some ominous vibes:

“Serving others is a fundamental value for Jayson and me. It’s in our blood. It is with full hearts, grateful for our staff and those who have patronized our restaurant, that we announced that Shooters Grill has closed its doors after receiving a notice that our landlord would not be renewing our lease. This decision was his to make and was purely a business decision with no political motivation.

“There is a time and season for everything, and God has called us to focus our time and energy elsewhere. While Shooters Grill is closed, stay tuned. The Shooters brand isn’t going away. There are exciting things in the works.

“May with apolitical agenda will try to spin this happy transition into something that it’s not. Rest assured that we will not allowed them to steal our joy for all that this restaurant has meant for our family.”

“There are exciting things in the works.” That’s more chilling than 85% of the Stephen King novels in this world. Hopefully, these things don’t have anything to do with Boebert’s husband, Jayson, and a bowling alley. According to Raw Story, Boebert thinks that there might soon be a “Shooters coffee shop with pastries and some easy breakfast sandwiches and merchandise.” Watch out for the pork sliders, y’all.

Read Boebert’s full tweeted statement below.


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