King Princess Honors Taylor Hawkins With Her Tonight Show Performance Of ‘Let Us Die’

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King Princess’ (real name Mikaela Straus) new album Hold On Baby dropped last week and it was something Foo Fighters die-hards were surely paying attention to, as the late Taylor Hawkins plays drums on “Let Us Die.” King Princess brought the song to TV last night with a Tonight Show performance, during which she found a simple way to honor her collaborator.

After Jimmy Fallon’s introduction, the first shot of the performance was of the kick drum, which had “TAYLOR” printed on it. From there, Straus and her band put on a dynamic and rocking performance of which Hawkins would have been proud.

Straus recently told Apple Music’s Zane Lowe about working with Hawkins, “In between takes, we’d FaceTime and he was just so kind. […] He was just saying he loves playing drums. And to hear that from somebody who’s lived such a life that, at his age and playing for as long as he has in so many different bands and his own projects, for him to just love to play the f*cking drums, that to me is just what we should all strive to be: Somebody who does not lose that love of their instrument.”

Watch King Princess perform “Let Us Die” on Fallon above.


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