Kiely Rodni Body Likely Found By Volunteer Dive Team

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“While we accept this sadness cast under death’s shadow, the rising sun shines light upon us, reminding us not to mourn our loss, but to celebrate Kiely’s spirit and the gift that we all received in knowing her,” part of the statement read. “Kiely will surely remain with us even though we will not get her back.”

Rodni was last seen Aug. 6 at a party near the Prosser Family Campground, which according to KCRA had 200 to 300 other teens and young adults in attendance.

At 12:15 a.m., Rodni texted her mother that she was planning to leave the party soon, her mother told Fox 40. Teens at the party had reportedly been drinking, and one friend told CBS News that she thought Rodni was planning to sleep at the campground and drive home in the morning.

Rodni wasn’t seen again, prompting a massive search effort by local, state, and federal law enforcement. Her friends and family organized volunteers, raised money, and posted on social media, pleading with anyone who might have information to come forward. Authorities said they received more than 1,600 tips, but ultimately, her car was found relatively close to where the party had taken place.

Sam Brown, captain of the Nevada County Sheriff’s Office, said law enforcement would be reviewing how the search was conducted and how officers missed Rodni’s car in Prosser Creek Reservoir.

“The lake was extensively searched,” he said. “We had divers, we had swimmers. I think that’s part of what we’re going to have to go back and debrief.”

He said law enforcement will look for ways they can improve, but Adventures With Purpose was better equipped to use the high-end equipment necessary for diving.

“Tracking underwater is an extremely difficult thing to do,” Brown said.


New Facebook Page: