Kid Rock Fans Decided It Was A Stage’s Fault That A Concert Was Canceled Due To Weather, So They Threw Beer Cans At It

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Concert cancellations are far from a rarity. In fact, it’s been less than a year since they’ve regularly been a thing after they were more or less nonexistent for the better part of two years thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. Concerts get canceled for various reasons: an artist not feeling their best, maintenance issues at a venue, and weather — if the show is outdoors at least. The last reason is why a Kid Rock show in Minot, North Dakota was canceled, and while some might have expected fans to just head home, that was not at all what happened.

The announcement came about 90 minutes after Kid Rock’s opener, Night Ranger delivered a 2.5-hour performance. Once the news was shared, fans were clearly irritated about the unsuccessful wait for Kid Rock so they turned on the venue and took out their anger on the stage. Attendees completely trashed the concert stage as they threw beer cans on it despite multiple announcements blaming severe weather — and not the stage — for the cancellation. Kid Rock himself even spoke about the matter in a post to Twitter. “SO PISSED OFF we could not play for a sold out crowd tonight in Minot, ND (because of high winds),” he wrote. “I know it sucks but none of us can control mother nature. Please be safe leaving and take care of each other.”

At one point during the whole ordeal, a fan decided to make a run for it and jump onto the stage, but they were eventually tackled by security and taken out of the venue in handcuffs.

You can check out a video from the incident above


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