Kevin Costner Has Been Ordered To Pay A Staggering Child Support Sum As His Divorce Case Approaches ‘9,000 Pages’ Of Supporting Docs

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Kevin Costner’s had a few big breakups this year so far. He has been confirmed to bid farewell to John Dutton in Yellowstone after the show finishes filming Season 5. Granted, no one knows when that will happen, given that production was already pushed back indefinitely, and Costner has been back in the director’s chair for Western Horizon. Fast forward to this week, and the SAG-AFTRA strike will almost definitely happen, adding to the general industry chaos caused by the current WGA strike.

As well, Costner’s ongoing divorce negotiations with his wife of 18 years, Christine Baumgartner, have been messy as many divorces turn out to be. However, the battle has grown outwardly vicious with a Costner source previously relaying how “happy” he was that Baumgartner must leave their marital home per the terms of their prenuptial agreement. That information came from PEOPLE, which also reported that Costner’s team accused Christine of having “plastic surgery expenses of $188,500/month.” It sure looks like there are no winners with that claim. As well, PEOPLE is now reporting that Costner has been ordered to continue paying a staggering amount ($129,755) of monthly child support until further proceedings on the matter (which don’t sound likely to happen soon).

That’s a lot of money but far less than the $248,000 per month that Baumgartner was reportedly requesting. Also enormous? The amount of supporting documentation for this case:

Costner’s attorneys also requested they have 10 days to review final forensic accountant files before the trial start dates for both the child support and prenuptial agreements since there are nearly 9,000 pages of forensic accounting documents so far.

The judge said an “evidentiary hearing is unlikely in the foreseeable future” on the matter of child support and that the tentative ruling stands in the meantime.

Costner has reportedly been stressing that Yellowstone-related earnings will soon no longer be what they were, since he will make less money after ceasing to portray John Dutton. That’s only to be expected, but boy, this divorce sure got ugly, fast. In particular, I’m not sure that it’s even possible for someone to have over $100,000 in plastic surgery procedures each month as a Costner-friendly source previously claimed about Baumgartner. Then again, both sides have a lot at stake here, but hopefully, they will come to a financial agreement sooner rather than later.



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