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Kehlani dropped her latest album, Blue Water Road, in April and is currently crossing the country on the Blue Water Road Tour. But that’s not stopping her from putting out new music. Earlier this week, the “Nights Like This” singer was featured on Ali Gatie’s new track, “The Look” and today, Babyface has just released the new single “Seamless,” with Kehlani on lead vocals.

The track, which will appear on Babyface’s upcoming album, Girls Night Out, is a sultry R&B jam about trying to get back to that point in a relationship when things are flowing smoothly. Kehlani owns the track and Babyface adds god-mode backing vocals. He explained in a statement what it meant to have Kehlani on “Seamless”:

“I worked with Kehlani many years ago and I am just so proud of who she has become as an artist and also how well she knows herself and her fans. I am really honored to have her collaborate with me many years later for such a special project and I love the song we created. Kehlani is one of one and a true superstar.”

Listen to “Seamless” above.

Girls Night Out is out on 10/21 via Capitol Records.

Kehlani is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.


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