Kanye West Reportedly Breaks Up With Kim Kardashian Lookalike Chaney Jones

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In the midst of Kanye West’s extended divorce from Kim Kardashian, fans were intrigued to note that one of the two women Kanye publicly dated during that time was a dead ringer for socialite turned mogul Kanye was splitting up with. Kanye’s new boo was a model named Chaney Jones, and for all intents, it appeared the two were dating seriously (whatever that meant for Kanye’s insistence that he wanted to save his marriage).

Well, it appears that this relationship is also now kaput. TMZ reports that “sources connected to the former duo” confirmed that they called it quits after a trip to Japan. Meanwhile, Kanye was recently seen at a showing of Top Gun: Maverick (seriously, it looks like everyone has seen that movie at this point) sitting with another woman. Prior to dating Jones, Kanye very publicly courted actress Julia Fox — in fact, the transition between the two was so abrupt that some fans were sure there was some overlap. Maybe Kanye just moves fast.

What this means for Ye’s state of mind is anyone’s guess. Is he finally moving on or actually avoiding doing so by cycling through companions so quickly? And who is this new woman taking in movies with the Donda 2 producer? I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

Source: https://uproxx.com/music/kanye-west-breaks-up-with-kim-kardashian-lookalike-chaney-jones/