The season premiere of Saturday Night Live is just a day away and that means that the hilarious pre-show promos featuring the guest host and musical guest have also returned. In this week’s promo, series regular Kenan Thompson joins Owen Wilson and Kacey Musgraves to contemplate whether things really are bigger in Texas, try to start a belly band, and tease Kenan’s lateness. Musgraves especially looks like she’s struggling not to break in the last clip.

The first clip is of special significance, as both Wilson and Musgraves are Texas natives. Kenan asks them whether something like burgers fall under the “everything is bigger in Texas” motto, to which Wilson replies, “Depends who’s makin’ ’em.” Musgraves brags, “I make ’em about the size of my fist.” Thompson declares he’s never going to one of her barbecues — and if I may interject here, I will gladly take his spot. He’s missing out.

You should absolutely not miss out on Musgraves’ performance, which will feature songs from her new album Star-Crossed. Each time she’s performed songs from it — such as the fiery rendition of the title track she gave to the MTV VMAs this year — it’s been a show-stopper. Personally, I’m hoping for a redux of her fun “Simple Times” video.

Watch Kacey Musgraves, Owen Wilson, and Kenan Thompson hype up the upcoming season premiere of SNL above.