While appearing on MSNBC on Thursday night, former ESPN columnist (and current writer for The Atlantic) Jemele Hill did not hold back her thoughts on Ted Cruz after the Texas senator came out in support of NBA players who are refusing to get vaccinated. Cruz also praised LeBron James, who got the shot but refused to tell others to do the same, which put the NBA star on Whoopi Goldberg’s radar, and you don’t want that. And you probably don’t want Cruz’s praise, either.

“Let me say that if Ted Cruz was standing with me, I’d probably vomit a little bit in my mouth,” Hill said before voicing her concerns about the implications of Republicans backing unvaccinated players, who she believes are already doing enough damage as it is. Via Mediaite:

“You have to sometimes pay attention to who are the people egging you on and — quote, unquote — cheering for you,” Hill said. “That tells you a lot about the stance that you’re taking.”

Hill did point out that more than 90 percent of NBA players are vaccinated — and that the players who garnered attention this week are part of a small minority. Nonetheless, Hill noted that the words of Beal, Irving, and Wiggins could resonate with people of color.

After the segment aired, Hill made it a point to tweet out a clip of her appearance where she reinforced her assertion that just being near Cruz would make her puke.

“I said what I said,” Hill tweeted.

(Via Jemele Hill on Twitter, Mediaite)

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