Julius Randle Claims Referees Say He Doesn’t Get Foul Calls Because He’s Stronger Than Defenders

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The New York Knicks made the quick trip (traffic permitting) into Brooklyn on Tuesday evening to take on the Nets. While they put forth a valiant effort, the Knicks were unable to pick up the win, as the Nets defended their home court at the Barclays Center, 112-110.

New York standout Julius Randle stuffed the stat sheet in the loss, going for 24 points, nine rebounds, eight assists, and two steals in 40 minutes of work. Of those 24 points, Randle only scored two of them at the free throw line, the latest in a bit of a trend this season. The 2021 NBA All-Star is shooting 3.8 free throws per 36 minutes, his lowest mark in five years, and has a free throw rate of .297, the lowest of his career.

Randle explained why this is happening after the game, and it has nothing to do with the NBA’s recent rule changes related to fouls. Randle claimed that he’s been told by officials that his ability to overpower defenders means he does not get calls.

“Gotta ask them, I don’t know what they’re watching or what they’re seeing, but you gotta ask them,” Randle said when asked why he doesn’t get more foul calls. “But, like you said, as aggressive as I play, attacking the paint, I can’t be penalized for just being stronger than people. And that’s the answer that I got today.

“They said because certain contact doesn’t affect me like it affects other players, because I’m stronger, they miss the calls,” Randle said when asked to clarify, before expressing his disappointment that he is officiated this way.

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