Juice WRLD’s Mother Speaks Out Against The ‘Disrespectful’ Leaks Of Her Late Son’s Music

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Shortly after the second anniversary of his death, Juice WRLD’s estate released the late rapper’s second posthumous album. Fighting Demons arrived nearly a year and a half after Legends Never Die, the first album released after his death. At the same time, there have been a lot of leaks of music he never released. It’s unknown where these leaks are coming from, but it’s reached the point where iJuice WRLD’s mother, Ms. Carmella Wallace, has spoken out against them.

“I understand they loved him,” she said while speaking to XXL. “They loved his music, but there’s a proper way to do it. Let us give you our best. Leaked music is not necessarily cleaned up music, it’s just leaked, it’s not finished. So, it’s just a lot of work just going into it.” She continued, “It’s a bit disrespectul to him, honestly, to leak his music like that. But I know that monster is there, been there and it’s not going anywhere. We can just do our part and put out good music. He made a lot of good music.”

Just a month after Juice WRLD’s death, TMZ reported that he had around 2,000 unreleased songs in his vault. Some of those can be found on Legends Never Die and Fighting Demons while others are set to appear on future efforts, like the trilogy of projects which includes an EP titled The Party Never Ends.

You can read Ms. Carmella Wallace’s full interview with XXL here.

Source: https://uproxx.com/music/juice-wrld-mother-disrespectful-leaks/

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