Joe Scarborough Thinks Trump Has Entered His ‘Sweating, Bloated Fat Elvis’ Phase And Will Soon Be Vanquished By Ron DeSantis

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More political pundits are weighing in on the Donald Trump vs. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis presidential debate and it sounds like there might be a new conservative despot in town.

After a Vanity Fair piece outlined media tycoon and former Trump ally Rupert Murdoch’s plan to replace the twice-impeached president as Fox News’ golden (shower?) boy, more experts are signaling the aging tyrant has fallen out of favor with the RNC. On a recent episode of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough dragged Trump’s waning popularity within his own party, labeling him a “fat Elvis” while dubbing DeSantis as his heir apparent.

“Well, I mean, you look, at you look at his speeches, even the one this past week, they are all backward-looking and they’re all the greatest hits from 2016, and not performed well,” Scarborough said of Trump’s current media strategy. “With all due respect to the king of rock and roll, this is fat Elvis in 77, huffing and puffing and sweating and bloated and like, barely being able to get, y’know, the scarves out from around his neck, throwing them into the crowd. This is not a pretty sight. I just don’t think Republicans want this.”

Ouch, way harsh Tai.

Former RNC chair Michael Steele jumped on to reference a recent poll from The University of New Hampshire Survey Center showing DeSantis was pulling ahead of Trump saying, “Governor DeSantis has very craftily and stealthily in some sense positioned himself as a better version of Donald Trump.” Meanwhile, co-host Willie Geist blamed Trump’s “baggage” and his obsession with claiming the 2020 Presidential Election was stolen as the reason DeSantis now seems like a better candidate for the GOP to support in 2024.

You can watch the full exchange below:

(Via Mediaite)