Jason Kidd Wants To ‘Start A Bowling Team’ After The Internet Turned His Big-Collared Media Day Photo Into A Meme

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The biggest meme of this young NBA season has easily become a Jason Kidd photo from Mavericks Media Day, which was likely planned out as something extremely harmless, a former franchise great donning the classic colors and logo from a prior era. What it turned out to be is Kidd wearing an oversized, short-sleeved button-up with an absolutely enormous collar. As preseason continues for Dallas, reporters were finally able to get Kidd’s comment on the photo, and his response did not miss the moment.

“I’m thinking in my spare time to start a bowling team,” Kidd said Friday, clearly in on the joke.

Of course, it didn’t stop the Twitter account Korked Bats, who started the laughfest over the collar in the first place, from going all in, creating a hilarious thread in which Kidd’s collar engulfs him and then takes a tour of the galaxy on its own.

Kidd, as one of the NBA’s all-time top assisters, would probably be pretty great at bowling, but he admittedly has his work cut out for him this month putting his imprint on a Mavs team that has failed to put a great team around Luka Doncic since drafting him back in 2018.

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New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/

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