Jason Alexander Tried to Crash Britney Spears’s Wedding

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Hours before Britney’s wedding kicked off, an unwelcome visitor made an appearance. In an Instagram live video, Jason made himself right at home at Britney’s not-so-humble adobe.

He told event security that, “Britney Spears invited me here. She’s my first wife — my only wife. I’m her first husband. “I’m here to crash the wedding, cause nobody’s here, but Sam. So, where the f***’s family?”

Someone in the background clearly tried to deescalate the situation by sternly telling Jason to “Go!” Unfortunately, the pseudo security guard’s attempts were made in vain. Jason responded, “I can trespass, you ain’t gotta have a gun…”

He added, “Don’t f*** with me bro, I’m done.”

Source: https://www.distractify.com/p/jason-alexander-britney-spears-wedding-crash