James Gunn Is Personally Writing A Superman Movie, But It Won’t Star Henry Cavill (Which Doesn’t Mean He’s Out At The DCEU)

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The DCEU, like much else at Warner Bros. Discovery, is in a bit of state of flux, which is putting it mildly. The studio’s comic book wing was recently handed to James Gunn and Peter Safran, and they have big plans — plans so big they don’t involve some of the key players of the Extended Universe thus far. A third Wonder Woman is currently out (though that doesn’t mean Gal Gadot won’t return), and the verdict’s still out on Henry Cavill, who assumed he was returning as Superman. He still might, but for now there’s another movie afoot about Krypton’s proudest son — and it won’t star Cavill.

As caught by The Hollywood Reporter, Gunn took to Twitter Wednesday night to tease that news about the future of the DCEU will be made early next year. He did drop one project: He’s personally writing a Superman movie. Thing is, it will be about Superman when he’s young. Therefore it won’t star the pushing-40 Cavill. Gunn said he’s only writing it, not directing it, too, but that could change.

That doesn’t mean Cavill is out (which would stink for him, as he just quit his hit fantasy show The Witcher). Gunn also mentioned he had a “great” meeting with the British actor, and the two talked about “exciting possibilities to work together in the future.”

Of course, that could mean anything. There’s talk of Jason Momoa sticking around the DCEU, but not as Aquaman. Perhaps Cavill will wind up trading in his red cape for…some other colored cape, worn by some superpowered DC character no one’s put in a movie yet.

In any case, we’ve only seen Young Superman on the big screen once, really, in 1978’s groundbreaking Superman: The Movie. (For Man of Steel, which debuted Cavill’s Supe, most of his backstory was regulated to quickie flashbacks.) Then again, there’s always Smallville.

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