Jack White Sang A Sea Shanty With Stephen Colbert And Hyped Up Their Fake Collaboration Albums

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Jack White just released his second solo album of 2022 in Entering Heaven Alive. Along with the April release of Fear Of The Dawn, it has been an incredibly productive year for the former White Stripes singer and guitarist. To hype up the latest release, White went on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert last night and in a segment called “Maybe Coming Soon,” the two poked fun at some other, more under-the-radar (and completely fictional) projects that White (and Colbert) have in store this year.

The gag included Colbert jokingly introducing White as “a man who considers me his closest personal friend,” revealing an image of three (very clearly) fake album covers and the pair riffed on each of these faux collabs. The first saw Colbert and White’s faces superimposed onto Simon & Garfunkel’s classic Bookends cover, and Colbert joked that White decided to do the entire album “cosplaying as a young Sigourney Weaver”; the resemblance was pretty remarkable. The second album cover saw the pair dressed up as mimes in KISS make up for the album French Kiss — Cirque Du Paris, which spoofed KISS’s Destroyer cover.

The final album was entitled Yo Ho Ho And A Basket Of Shrimp (Plus 29 Other Unauthorized Jingles For Long John Silver’s) and White said they wrote a sea shanty about jalapeño poppers. Then, the pair had an impromptu moment where an actual sea shanty, “Barrett’s Privateers,” was brought up and White seemed genuinely amazed that Colbert knew the words as they coursed through the song in impeccable fashion.

Look: sometimes a serious interview about big projects like White’s albums is what you want to see, but sometimes, you just wan to see the stars having a laugh… and singing sea shanties with late-night TV talk show hosts.

And yes, White did play an actual song, in the powerful “If I Die Tomorrow,” which you can watch below. Watch the Late Show segment with Jack White above.

Source: https://uproxx.com/indie/jack-white-colbert-sea-shanty-fake-album/

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