‘It’s actually worth it. Take it home make 12 burgers’: Wendy’s worker makes $28 burger

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To paraphrase Jeff Goldblum in “Jurassic Park”: Calories, uh, find a way.

We’re talking about Wendy’s fabled T-Rex Burger, a towering meat monument that a crew at one of the chain’s locations can be seen making in a now-viral video.

TikToker Lyssa (@tdf.lyssa_) posted the video last month, and it has more than 22,000 likes and 410,000 views.

@tdf.lyssa_ 28 dollar sandwich #wendys #fyp #viral #foryou #work ♬ original sound – lyssa ¿

In the video, a Wendy’s worker stacks nine square patties, nine cheese slices, lettuce, tomato, onions, and pickles between two buns.

“Wait a minute, is this for real?” a voice can be heard saying in the clip.

After assembling the burger, the packaging process turns into fast food origami as the worker wraps the beast in multiple foil sheets. The worker then struggles to bag the burger with her co-worker’s assistance. Viewers never actually see it fit entirely into the bag.

According to Lyssa’s caption, the “T-Rex Burger,” as she calls it in the clip, costs $28. In response to one commenter, she also confirmed that someone actually ordered the burger, and it wasn’t just something she whipped up for fun.

“My heart stopped watching this,” one viewer commented.

“So this why my food be taking so long,” a second said.

“It’s actually worth it,” someone else reasoned. “Take it home make 12 burgers.”

“Most Wendy’s won’t do this,” another shared. “you can tell they’re cool af.”

“That right there ladies and gentlemen is a T-Rex burger I was a manager for Wendy’s and I have people asking for that,” one person chimed in.

You read that correctly. This is a real thing—or it was, at least. Years ago, a Wendy’s in Manitoba, Canada, started selling the T-Rex Burger when customers asked for it after a satirical ad appeared in Sports Illustrated, according to USA Today. The burger reportedly clocked in at 2 pounds, 4 ounces and contained 3,000 calories, 200 grams of fat, and 6,000 milligrams of sodium.

It was pulled in 2013. A Wendy’s spokesperson told NPR that year, “For obvious reasons, Wendy’s… neither condones nor promotes the idea of anyone consuming a nine-patty hamburger in one sitting.”

Still, multiple people in the comments section of Lyssa’s video reported making the T-Rex Burger at their Wendy’s location, and it’s been spotted at various locations over the years. Parade calls it a secret menu item.

So, whether or not you can pick one up at your local Wendy’s probably depends on how laid-back the staff is. And, uh, your upper arm strength.

The Daily Dot contacted Lyssa via Instagram direct message and Wendy’s via email for further information.

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