‘I would’ve stayed on my break longer lmaoo’: Worker watches massive group walk into store while on her break, sparking debate

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massive group walking into store while on her break tiktok

A woman posted a TikTok showing a large group of customers walking into her workplace while she was on break, sparking a conversation about workplace break etiquette and customer service in the comments section.

Mel (@daydreamingmeli) posted a video July 8, while sitting in her car on break during a work shift. After showing herself with a concerned expression, she turns the camera to show a large group of nearly 20 people walking into the store she works at.

“When you’re on your break and you see a group of people pull into the parking lot,” she wrote in a text overlay on the video, which has since been viewed more than 300,000 times. 


Send help

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“Send help,” she wrote in the caption.

After seeing the video, many commenters offered advice for what to do.

“I would’ve stayed on my break longer lmaoo,” one person wrote.

“I would go straight home,” another said.

In response, Mel said she left the premises for the remainder of her break.

“I had like an hour left on my break LMAO i went to Starbucks,” she wrote.

Other viewers shared their own experiences with similar situations.

“I was 10 minutes till my shift ended and a church of 50 people walked in,” one person said.

“Those are the ones that don’t have a reservation and get mad when u don’t have room,” another commenter shared.

Mel isn’t the first worker on the platform to go viral for maintaining boundaries while on break. In another recent instance, a TikToker, who was on her unpaid lunch break at the time, shared how she dodged a customer who appeared to be in need of help. Customer-facing customers similarly resonated with the TikTok, with many sharing their own tips to maintaining boundaries while on break at their workplaces.

The Daily Dot reached out to Mel via TikTok comment and Instagram message.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/work-break-group-walks-into-store/

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