‘I would cancel this order immediately’: Instacart shopper shows lengthy list of instructions from customer, sparking debate

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An Instacart list of demands has sent TikTok into an uproar over proper delivery app etiquette.

The original video has climbed to over 110,000 views. Users are weighing in on how to best handle difficult customers.

In the original TikTok, user @_instaqueen_ starts the video saying, “You guys I am screaming right now. This customer left this note in her order and I am shocked.”

 @_instaqueen_  then shows off a screenshot of the notes section of an order.

That particular customer wrote out an Instacart list of commands demanding a picture of proper cooling bags, banning the delivery person from batching her order, and requiring live updates during the shopping trip.

All-caps messages like “DON’T PICK UP MY ORDER” punctuate the message, setting an aggressive tone for the order. 

The TikToker clarified that she didn’t pick up this order.

Viewers were in agreement that the Instacart list was a bridge too far—this person should just go grocery shopping themselves.

@kajamin7 said, “She has NO business using Instacart!!”

@knowthyself876 commented, “Order canceled: Go shop for your own food lol”

@coachcaleigh added, “Oh, she’s in the wrong app. She needs to hire a housekeeper who does her shopping.”

“I get she wants it a certain way BUT dang… word it a different way and add that you’ll tip them well. Make it worth their while,” said @gimmesomewine.

“I love instacart as someone who is disabled and cannot drive. These kinds of people are so shameful,” wrote @keila.bug. “Thank you to all you instacart folks.” 

Instacart did not immediately return request for comment and the Daily Dot reached out to @_instaqueen_  via Instagram direct message.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/debug/instacart-customer-instructions-tiktok/

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