‘I took a chance because it was pizza’: DoorDash driver takes tipless Little Caesars order. It’s the last time he will

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A trending TikTok clip shows a DoorDash driver taking on a tipless Little Caesars delivery order only to end up regretting it.

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In a recent clip that has amassed over 35,000 views, a delivery driver who posts under the handle @austinsidehustle shared how the gamble of accepting the tipless Little Caesars order—in the hope of a cash tip—left him empty-handed.

“I’m taking a chance on this order; it was $250. I’m taking a chance thinking I’m going to get a tip,” he begins, setting the tone for his 53-second narration.

With optimism and trepidation, the driver takes on the tipless delivery order, placing his faith in the unwritten code of tipping. He asserts, “I took a chance because it was pizza. Mutual respect: everybody tips the pizza delivery boy.”

Not only is he left tipless for his effort, but he is also met with other challenges while trying to deliver the Little Caesars order. As the driver tells viewers, his customer left specific instructions to call the house for a prompt door greeting. But the TikToker says the phone number provided did not work.

In an attempt to complete the delivery, he takes the initiative and knocks on the door. The driver also documents his attempts to get the customer’s attention with photos of him holding the Little Caesars pizzas at the door.

He emphasizes, “They also left me instructions to call the house so she would meet me at the door. I called, but the phone doesn’t work. Then I went up, knocked on the door … and got no answer. I did my part; I took pictures and everything.”

The delivery worker’s story—just the latest of similar cases documented at Daily Dot—is a cautionary lesson for fellow delivery drivers.

“Don’t take no-tip orders. They do not tip afterward, and they’re scum people,” warns the TikToker. His tipless Little Caesars order is also a reminder to customers of the importance of valuing and respecting service industry workers.

While tipping is a personal choice, stories like these reignite the debate over customers’ ethical responsibilities when it comes to the use of various service platforms.

“The Little Caesars was a dead giveaway,” joked one commenter.

Another wrote, “Now we spreading the right message, No Tip No Trip, let’s goooooo!.”

Many users argued about the kind of service that qualifies for a tip.

“Tip is based on the quality of service,” said one person. “Do you tip a waitress before she brings out your food?”

The Doordash driver replied, “No matter what, I’m till a minimum of $5, [if] the Service is better than I expect, then I pay more, and it goes up also depending [on] how much I spend.” He expounded further: “The [customers] that say they tip afterward think everyone does, and it’s just not true.”

Given how famously inexpensive the particular pizza brand is, one person made an interesting assumption: “People order Little Caesars to have them deliver for a reason. They won’t have enough money left over to tip anyone.”

The Daily Dot has contacted @austinsidehustle via TikTok comment, and reached out to DoorDash and Little Caesars via email. 

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/news/tipless-little-caesars-order-doordash/
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