‘I shouldn’t even be telling y’all this forbidden technique’: Man says key to talking to women is to interrupt them at the library and ask them about the book they’re reading, sparking debate

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TikTokers are calling out a creator’s post as an example of how not to go about “picking-up” a girl.

Johnny Tsunamean (@johnnytsunamean) posted a clip on June 2nd detailing a hack for finding a woman that’s “wifey” material. The video has garnered nearly 250,000 views.

@johnnytsunamean I shouldn't even be telling y'all this forbidden technique #foryoupage #fyp #relationships #dating ♬ Zou Bisou Bisou – Gillian Hills

The text overlay reads: “When guys figure out that all the cute English major wifeys hang out at bookstores and libraries, it’s a wrap. My brother in Christ, literally ask what’s she’s reading. Just be ready to lose every argument in the relationship cause wifey is gonna be articulate AF.”

Many commenters seemed to take issue with this approach.

One woman said, “Don’t interrupt her if she’s reading.”

Another commenter suggested, “Perhaps people in their element don’t want to be bothered”

One woman said, “if someone interrupts me when reading i am giving them the worst death glare they will ever receive in their life.”

Another user said, “as library staff, please don’t bother her at the library.”

However, some users shared that Tsunamean’s tip would work on them said and even added their own tips when it comes to “picking up” women in libraries and book stores.

One user said, “i didn’t know English majors were wifeys now about time we got the recognition we deserve.”

Another said, “Just to add on to this when she tells u what she’s reading don’t pretend to have read it unless you’ve actually read it.”

A third said, “Guys if you want a girlfriend, ask her about her hobbies. Don’t come up and say you think she’s pretty”.

Tsunamean doesn’t appear to be the first individual to suggest that people go to book stores and libraries to search for a girlfriend. Slate published an article in 2011 that delineates a few strategies on how to initiate a conversation with a fellow bibliophile.

The Daily Dot has reached out to Tsunamean for further comment via TikTok.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/talking-to-women-library-tiktok/