A Chipotle customer is going viral for providing an alternative to the Philly cheesesteak quesadilla hack for customers whose Chipotle locations won’t let them order the viral quesadilla.

TikTok creator Shinelle (@shinelle_5) shared her hack in a video that garnered over 235,000 views.

“I just left Chipotle. I could not order the quesadilla,” she said. Shinelle did not specify why she could not order the quesadilla; however, she indicated in the video’s caption that the app does not always allow customers to customize quesadillas, and some locations only accept online orders of the item.

@shinelle_5 #stitch with @keith_lee125 #Problemsolved! If your Chipotle doesn’t allow in person ordering of quesadillas and you can’t customize in the app…Order the burrito and do what I did! #chipotlesteakquesadilla #toogood ##HolidayOREOke #chipotle ♬ original sound – Shinelle N°5

“So, what I did — I ordered a steak burrito with extra cheese and fajita veggies,” she explained. “Brought it home. I am now warming it up, and I’m about to try it.”

In the comments section, viewers eagerly weighed in on Shinelle’s work-around.

“Have to try this,” one user wrote. “I can only order the quesadilla online but can’t get the veggies and steak.”

“The burrito [ordered] this way is actually cheaper then their quesadilla!” another commented.

One commenter, asking the most crucial question about the hack, inquired how the burrito tasted. “Exceptional! I have a new favorite!” Shinelle wrote in reply.

Still, some users expressed disappointment that Chipotle made it so difficult to order the original that an alternative needed to be created.

“My bf used to work at chipotle and somewhere between him leaving and now, they changed the rules,” one user claimed. “You used to be able to order this on the app.”

“@chipotle my FYP is only people [trying] to eat at your restaurant and failing to get what they want. Why is that??” another questioned.

Other users were simply not impressed with the hack.

“It’s literally the same thing [as the quesadilla] just a different shape,” one stated.

“I tried it yesterday and I’m done with TikTok food suggestions,” another shared.

The Daily Dot reached out to Shinelle via TikTok comment and to Chipotle via email.

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/chipotle-hack-for-when-chipotle-doesnt-let-you-order-viral-quesadilla/