‘I can’t believe how messy people are’: Movie theater usher shows mess after screening in viral TikTok

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A movie theater usher went viral on TikTok after showing the huge mess she had to clean up after an early screening of Sing 2. 

The usher, known as Rachael or @simplyrachaelstudios on TikTok, captioned her video, “Things I find while ushering.” As of Sunday, her video has garnered 6.4 million views. 

Some of the items included include lots of spilled popcorn, a beanie, someone’s wallet, a pair of AirPods, cash, a pile of sunflower seeds, and more. 

Rachael said there were 194 tickets sold for the prescreening, and it took her and two other ushers about 45 minutes and six 50-gallon trash bags to clean the theater. 

“And it was not like clean clean—it was like, we had to leave when the movie started,” Rachael said in the video. 

Rachael seemed frustrated by the piles of trash, and viewers appeared to be shocked in the comments.

“I will never understand why people are like that with their popcorn and trash…” one viewer commented. 

“I understand an accidental small popcorn spill but I can’t believe how messy people are! This is insane!” another wrote.

Several viewers questioned how the moviegoers even had that much popcorn left over to spill everywhere. 

“Who has that much popcorn leftover? I finish mine before the trailers end,” one user asked. 

“That’s like $20000 worth of popcorn,” someone else said. 

Some viewers testified that they would never leave such a mess or let their kids do that either. 

“I tell my kids before every movie: It might be their job to clean up after us, but that doesn’t mean it’s our job to make a mess,” someone commented. 

“I can’t understand people. I feel so bad if I drop like 2 pieces of popcorn and people be throwing it in the air like confetti,” another user wrote. 

Rachael regularly does “things I find while ushering” videos and has done various other TikToks from different movie showings. 

 User @simplyrachaelstudios did not immediately respond to the Daily Dot’s request for comment. 

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/movie-theater-usher-mess-tiktok/

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