‘I am lactose intolerant’: TikToker says Tim Hortons served vegan sandwhich with dairy cheese, sparking debate

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In a viral TikTok video, user Robyn (@robynsfood) filmed food from a Tim Hortons fast-food restaurant in Glasgow, Scotland, where says she ordered a vegan-friendly breakfast but received dairy cheese. 


@Timhortonsuk ? I am lactose intolerant 😅

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“I got a ‘vegan’ breakfast wrap from Tim Hortons and assumed this was vegan cheese in it,” Robyn said, examining her wrap. “But it tasted weird so checked their website and there’s no cheese on the vegan wrap.”

Robyn said she asked the employee at the counter about the cheese, and the employee was certain the wrap contained vegan cheese. However, Robyn, is convinced that the cheese included in her wrap wasn’t dairy-free. 

“I am lactose intolerant,” she wrote in the caption of the video, meaning that like 68% of the world’s population, her body cannot break down or digest lactose.

Tim Hortons has a vast selection of breakfast and meal options on its menu, including six dairy-free and vegan items. According to the company’s website, the item Robyn purchased is a grilled wrap with fresh tomato, a plant-based patty, baked beans, a hash brown, and a choice of sauce.

Robyn’s TikTok garnered 323,300 views by Monday, and the comment section is littered with users asking why she called out the food chain.

“LITREALLY who cares,” @hrvyxnr comments. 

“It’s your own fault for being vegan,” user Dan said. 

But one commenter who said they work for Tim Hortons provided insight into the fast-food chain. 

“Which Tim Hortons was this? I work there & it’s not supposed to come with cheese & we don’t do any type of vegan cheese!” user @jennahudson__ said.

Robyn has built her platform around her vegan food journey, sharing what she eats in a day with her followers. She said after she posted the video, she reached out to Tim Hortons via email with her complaint.

The Daily Dot reached out to Tim Hortons U.K. and Robyn via email.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/tiktok-tim-hortons-vegan-sandwhich-cheese/