‘I AM DISAPPOINTED’: Woman says CVS did not print her risqué photos for her partner due to it containing pornographic material

A TikToker posted a now-viral clip where she jokingly expresses her gripes with CVS Pharmacy’s picture policy against “pornographic materials.”

In a text overlay on the TikTok, user Geanna (@deargeanna) writes, “When CVS censors you and doesn’t allow you to print sensual photos of yourself to give to your man LOL.”

“SMH I AM DISAPPOINTED,” she added in the caption.

The video itself is a five-second clip set to what sounds like a remix of Madonna’s “Hung Up.” A finger points to a print-out that reads, “CVS PHOTO Lab Customer Notice.”

@deargeanna SMH I AM DISAPPOINTED #cvs #printphotos #censored ♬ Hung Up (SDP Extended Vocal) [Edit] – Madonna

The finger covers the location of the store, but the text on the notice reads, “We are returning your photo processing order with (1) prints missing. The pictures contained images of apparent pornographic materials. It is CVS’s policy to not make prints of these images, and we are required to return only the negatives to our customers. Please contact our Customer Relations Department if you have any questions regarding this policy. Thank you.”

Other users chimed in with their own “risqué” CVS photo printing stories.

“I printed my hot pics at my local CVS not thinking anybody would actually see it but previews were on the cover lolll,” one user lamented.

“I’ve done it at staples!” another wrote.

“When I worked at Walgreens I asked about photos like this and they said we were allowed to print them.. the situation never actually happened tho,” a third user commented.

“When I tell you I printed these at self Service print at CVS and the pictures didn’t come out and CVS employee had to retrieve them for me. MORTIFIED,” another viewer confessed.

Others offered up their own printing solutions for the creator and others who wanted to have physical copies of pictures that may skirt the lines of a photo print shop’s “ethics standards.”

“You can probably do it if it’s off of one of their machines! instead of ordering them for them to print,” one suggested.

“Buy a cannon mini printer lmao !!” another advised.

“Use Shutterfly! That’s my favorite to order photos. Ordered 170 photos for less than $10,” another viewer wrote.

In a comment, Geanna stated that she dropped $28 for 67 photos at CVS.

There were more than a few users in the comments section who remarked that they used CVS self-service kiosks to print photos containing nudity or sexually explicit imagery thinking that no one else would see them. However, many expressed that the image thumbnails popped up on the screen, meaning anyone within viewing distance of the screen could see the pictures that they were planning on printing.

This isn’t the first time the conundrum around printing nudes at CVS has gone viral. A TikToker by the name of Mariah who says they work on CVS posted a TikTok asking customers to stop printing nudes of themselves at the pharmacy chain.

@roomtempwaterr pls it’s 9 am lauren i can’t do this #cvs #plsstop #fyp #viral ♬ Griddy x Nutcracker – freshbeatsnoah

“Idk how many times I have to say this. don’t print your nudes at CVS I do in fact see every single one,” she wrote in the overlay text.

While there were many jokes in the comments section, one user brought up a point about employees at the stores not wanting to be exposed to those kinds of materials.

“Nah bc why are y’all in the comments thinking it’s ok and funny and cute?? minors work at walgreens….” they wrote.

CVS’ terms of use webpage doesn’t specify whether customers can print/submit photos that include nudity or pornographic materials. There are various online printing services that do carefully delineate what types of “adult” materials will or will not violate company policy.

The Daily Dot reached out to Geanna and CVS via TikTok comment.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/cvs-censors-tiktoker-risque-photos-no-nudes/