Husband Demands Personalized Christmas Party Invitation

One person with the username u/Straight-Singer-2912 broke down in explicit detail alllll the reasons why Luke is in the wrong.

“Luke is TA, and YTA for condoning it. When you’re married, you don’t get separate invitations. Your mom said, ‘I hope you guys can come for Christmas’ or ‘We’re looking forward to seeing you at Christmas’ — that is the Royal You, not just you, OP.

Question: If a friend issued the same invitation that your mom did, would Luke be kicking up a fuss, or would he just go?

This isn’t about the invitation; Luke just doesn’t want to go. Your choice is to stay with him or go without him, but your parents don’t have to issue Lukie Wubbie his own special private invitation. And think hard: Is this really the only time he kicks up a fuss, or do you tiptoe around a lot of things? Be honest.”