House Of The Dragon Episode 1: Thoughts I Had

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29. I thought all the Weirwoods south of Winterfell were cut down? I don’t remember there being one in King’s Landing, but maybe I’m wrong. Yell at me in the comments if I’m wrong.

30. “And eat only cake.” Girl, same.

31. That was…quite a close-up of Viserys’s wound. Thanks for that.

32. There’s wayyyyyy too much talk about this baby being a boy for that to actually happen.

33. Poor Aemma has been through a lot.

34. Okay, so I know that the goldcloaks are committing some horrible acts here, but the lighting is so dark that I can’t really see what’s going on exactly.

35. Considering the glimpses I have seen, maybe that’s a good thing.

36. Corlys, I expected better from you than to support Daemon.

37. Wow, I’m not saying I’m team Lord Hightower, but Daemon was OUT OF LINE here.

38. It wouldn’t be a Game of Thrones show if we didn’t have a brothel scene in the first episode, now would it?

39. At least we don’t have Littlefinger monologuing right now.

40. “I could even arrange one with silver hair.” So, either Daemon is a little incestuous or a lot narcissistic to be into silver hair. Or maybe both.

41. “I’ve never heard of House Cole.” Me neither!

42. Okay, Daemon’s armor is pretty dope, though.

43. That poor horse!

44. Oh, it’s OK. Thank goodness.


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