Hilary Duff Re-Created Her “That’s So Gay” Commercial

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Barack Obama was just elected president.

Kim Kardashian’s biggest gig was as a WrestleMania host.

Lady Gaga took pictures with SodaStream machines so she could get one for free.

And Hilary Duff ended homophobia once and for all.

So it was really exciting to see Hilary acknowledge it on TikTok with a 2022 re-creation.

We all know Hilary Duffs career highlight was doing the “that’s so gay is not okay” commercial

Twitter: @romanthediamond

And just like that, homophobia was once again ended.

Thank you for paying homage to gay history <3.

Source: https://www.buzzfeed.com/mjs538/hilary-duff-recreating-gay-commercial

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