‘He’s like wow, can’t even fire them cause I’d have no staff tomorrow’: Boss catches 3 workers smoking weed in car after work

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A TikToker recorded her boss’ reaction to catching her and two of her co-workers smoking weed in a car after work.

The TikToker, Yeiranys (@yeiranysss_), recorded her boss staring at the workers from the driver’s side of the car they were smoking in. The boss appears to be smiling in disbelief as Yeiranys laughs.

“When you boss comes out and catches you and your coworkers smoking in the parking lot after hours,” the video’s on-screen text says.

One of the co-workers asks the boss if he wants a hit of what they’re smoking, and he smiles before turning to walk away. One of the other workers calls out “love you” as he walks away, and another asks: “What was the whole purpose?”

“LMAOOO best boss ever, he just stared then walked away. We remind him of himself,” Yeiranys added in the caption.


LMAOOO best boss ever, he just stared then walked away. We remind him of himself

♬ original sound – Yeiranys 🤩

As of Thursday, the video received about 2.7 million views on TikTok. Viewers cracked several jokes about the boss.

“Hes like wow, cant even fire them cause id have no staff tomorrow lmao,” one viewer commented.

Yeiranys agreed with this comment. “Quite literally,” she replied.

“The man was too stunned to speak,” a second viewer commented, referencing a popular TikTok sound.

Others laughed at the co-workers giggling and comments.

“‘What was the whole purpose’ something I would say caught in the smoke sesh,” one user said.

“Threw in the ‘love you,'” another wrote with a laughing emoji.

Some viewers shared they had similar experiences with their own bosses.

“My regional manager watched my boss take a FAT dab in his car before his shift the other day,” one viewer shared.

Another viewer wrote, “Omg this literally happened to me and a coworker on break when we were servers and he literally acted like he had no idea what we were doing.”

Someone else said, “I had a older lady manager she used to make me take lunch with her cause I could roll and she couldn’t.”

In response to viewers who found the boss attractive, Yeiranys posted a video of him celebrating his birthday in the office, revealing that he’s over 60 years old. “He’s actually a handsome silver fox,” Yeiranys captioned the video.

@yeiranysss_ Replying to @aliciagorsch1 ♬ original sound – Yeiranys 🤩

Yeiranys has not revealed where the group works, but the boss is wearing what appears to be scrubs in the TikToker’s two videos featuring him. Viewers are also speculating they work at a veterinarian’s office due to a cat featured in one of Yeiranys’ latest videos.

The Daily Dot reached out to Yeiranys via TikTok comment.

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New Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/OsmaniTheOttoman/