A woman’s bad hair day became a lot worse when she found a cockroach in her blow-dryer.

TikTok user @pinkglittermeowzz posted about the discovery on TikTok. 

“ALL I WANTED WAS TO DRY MY HAIR,” the text overlay reads on the video, which had been viewed more than 39,400 views by Monday afternoon.

“There’s a freaking cockroach in the hair dryer,” the user exclaims before turning the device to face the camera so that viewers can see the pest inside. 

Cockroaches are known to get inside electronics for warmth and shelter. This includes TVs, laptops, and gaming systems. 

“You see his little antennas,” she says before making a gagging sound.

The way the TikToker pointed the camera at the front end of the blow-dryer felt too close for comfort for some viewers. “DONT POINT IT AT ME,” one user wrote.

The loud whooshing sound of the blow-dryer also made viewers feel like they were with the creator in the bathroom. 

“Was like having my car dried in a car wash LMFAOO,” one user wrote with several tornado and crying emoji.

Another user compared the loud sound to “the middle of a tropical storm.”

Others found it terrifying: “Thank you for this newfound fear,” they wrote. “THE GAGGING IS SO REAL,” another shared.

Someone said that they’ve also found a cockroach in their blow-driver. “IVE HAS THIS HAPPEN BEFOE AND IT MADE THE WHOLE BATHROOM SMELL LIKE FRIED ROACH,” they shared.

Many wondered whether the cockroach survived the hot air. “Why the roach not burning in there,” one wrote. “BROS GETTING STEAMED,” another commented. 

The TikToker replied, “He was crispy when he fell out,” with a crying emoji.

“The cockroach’s blowout after this about to be insane,” a third quipped.

When someone asked how the user noticed the cockroach in the blow-dryer, the user replied, “I felt something tickle my hand when I was plugging it in.”

The Daily Dot reached out to @pinkglittermeowzz via TikTok comment. 

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Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/cockroach-blow-dryer/