Fox News Is Claiming Trump May Have Taken Those Classified Documents Because He Was Too Busy With The Fallout Of The Jan. 6 Riot

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After a long life of dodgy legal behavior, Donald Trump may finally be heading to jail. If he does, it’s not for one of his more known potential crimes. It’s because he may have violated the Espionage Act. Sources claim that the FBI search of Mar-a-Lago early last week may have been due to his taking of classified documents, some of them related to nuclear weapons. Why would he do that? It’s unclear. But Fox News hazarded a guess.

On Friday, host Martha MacCallum speculated about the 11 boxes the feds took from the former president’s resort home, allegedly filled with confidential documents. She wondered if maybe it all have been a mistake, as the president was, well, dealing with the fallout of his numerous failed attempts to overturn the 2020 election.

“Why? Why would they have been packed? Was it because it was such a chaotic time during that January period, post-election?” MacCallum postulated. “We all remember there was a whole heck of a lot going on. Were they told, ‘Just pack everything up and bring it to Mar-a-Lago’? What did the lawyers do after that when they got their hands on them? And what kind of transparency was there about what they actually had and how it should be handled?”

That “whole heck of a lot going on,” of course, was the aftermath of the Jan. 6 riot, when Trump helped whip up an already angry and misinformed crowd of supporters, who then stormed the Capitol building. Was he distracted by all the GOP party members ditching him (albeit temporarily)? Was he going through Twitter withdrawal? Whatever the case, it’s telling that even Fox News can’t defend him from one scandal without inadvertently acknowledging another.

Anyway, fret not, because Sean Hannity thinks Trump can still run for president while in the slammer.


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