Foodbeast’s ‘Kitchen League: Challengers Vs Champs’ Returns Today — Here’s Why To Watch

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If you like your cooking competitions served with a helping of cutthroat chaos, you need to catch Foodbeast’s Kitchen League: Challengers Vs Champs, which returns for its second season today on Amazon’s Crown Channel on Twitch. Challenges Vs Champs is the only cooking competition that uses live audience participation to create sabotages and protections against your favorite creators and chefs as they duke it out in the kitchen, which adds a layer of excitement and chaos that other cooking competitions just can’t provide.

It’s a bit sadistic to make anyone do anything in a kitchen while blindfolded or with a hand-tied behind their back but… it’s also a lot of fun. So, yeah, we’re all for Kitchen League.

Kitchen League

The new season will feature eight challengers assembled from the Twitch, TikTok, and YouTube universe clashing in a seven-week long single-elimination tournament which will see one challenger emerge with the title belt for the CVC, and a contract to enter Kitchen League to battle a previous Kitchen League champ of their choosing in the eighth and final week of the season.

In addition to some surprise special guests, this season will also include Hyper RPG Production CEO Malika Lim Eubank, Chef Leon C. Brunson, streamers Stanz, BBJess, Oxillery, and Jalon, Twitch chefs BBBubbz and AudreyEnjoys, Kharrii (aka Square Head Guy), and Uproxx’s very own Steve Bramucci. We’re obviously a bit biased towards Bramucci crushing the competition, so if you think that means he deserves some sabotage thrown his way when he competes, by all means, do that! I mean, he’s already out trash-talking.

This season promises to be even more unhinged than the last, with brand new game modes and unexpected surprises introduced with every episode — which is saying something, as every moment of the competition is pretty unexpected. One of the newest game modes will be called “Double Trouble,” a 2v2 challenge that includes swapping between gaming and cooking whenever the audience deems fit, which we’re sure will disorient the challengers in the best possible way.

Catch the first match of the second season of Challengers VS Champs today on Twitch.TV/Crown at 4pm PT and every Friday for the next seven weeks.