First-Rate Swearer Samuel L. Jackson Isn’t Actually Banned From ‘SNL,’ Lorne Michaels Has Assured Him

Back in March, Samuel L. Jackson revealed something that people may not have known: He claimed he was banned from SNL, all because he — a champion swearer — swore on live TV. Problem is, it’s not true. After he joked that Kenan Thompson, star of the 2012 sketch that featured him dropping some cuss words, got him kicked off the show for life, Entertainment Weekly confirmed that no, that’s not actually true. But now Jackson has heard it from the horse’s mouth.

During an appearance on EW’s podcast The Awardist, the Oscar-nominated actor recalled recently bumping into SNL honcho Lorne Michaels in an elevator. Michaels didn’t immediately recognize him, at least not until he lowered his mask. Then Jackson asked the million dollar question: “Are you ever gonna let me back on the show?”

Michaels knew what he was referring to. “You’re not banned!” Michaels told Jackson. The two wound up going back and forth for a bit: “Yes, I am!” “No, you’re not!”

But Jackson still isn’t sure he knows the answer, saying, “So maybe I’m not. I don’t know.”

The offending sketch occurred during an episode from a decade ago, hosted by alum Martin Short. It was an iteration of the recurring Thompson sketch “What’s Up With That?”, in which he plays a talk show host who keeps busting into song. Jackson played himself and at one point let some real frustration bleed into the live show, inadvertently dropping the f-bomb as well as a “bulls*it.”

But in any case, Michaels has forgiven some of the people he’s banned, such as Elvis Costello. And clearly he did the same for Jackson, who’s only hosted once before, back in 1998. Time to invite him back. After all, he can keep his cool even when he’s doing Sesame Street.

In any case, you can watch the sketch that didn’t quite get Jackson banned below. His antics occur in the 6-minute mark.

(Via EW)