Fans Believe Tasha Is Returning to Power Book II: Ghost

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Is Tasha returning to ‘Power Book II: Ghost?’ Fans are convinced that the matriarch will return to the series to help Tariq. Details inside.

Spoiler alert: This article contains spoilers for Power Book II: Ghost Season 3.

You can always count on the Power Book II: Ghost writing team to deliver twists and turns. Season 3 of the Starz hit series has lived up to the hype, and as fans are getting prepared — if they haven’t already after the epic final two episode leak. Now, many are wondering what comes next.

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Not only is Power OG Thomas “Tommy” Patrick Egan (Joseph Sikora) back in the Ghost universe, but the St. Patrick matriarch, Tasha “Green” St. Patrick (Naturi Naughton) also makes an appearance.

While tensions are high and life as Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.) knows it is beginning to crumble around him, the full-time college student and drug dealer needs help. And one thing Tasha does is always look out for her son’s best interest.

So, is Tasha returning to Power Book II: Ghost for good? Here’s the 4-1-1.

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Is Tasha returning to ‘Power Book II: Ghost’? Fans are convinced it’s only a matter of time.

Viewers that have been watching Power since its inception are aware that Tariq and Tasha are a team. Tasha not only taught Tariq the drug game, but she also vowed to be his voice of reason should things go left — and clearly, that time has come.

Tariq is currently dealing with juggling his responsibility to Noma (Caroline Chikezie), being tied up in the Tejada family business, and dealing with thoughts of exiting the drug game. Tariq has a target on his back since, Noma promises to kill him should he not fulfill his duties. Not to mention, Cane (Woody McClain) would like nothing more than to put a bullet in his head.

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Since the odds are stacked against Tariq, he’s going to need some help. Now that Tasha is missing from witness protection, there is a chance that she may very well come to the rescue.

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Tasha St. Patrick may take out Noma or Monet.

Tasha understands what it means to make a hard decision. After all, fans can recall her killing her own best friend Lakeisha (Lala Anthony) to prevent her from testifying against Tommy.

Now that Tariq is working for Noma and Monet (Mary J. Blige)— who both want to use him to expand their drug business — Tasha will likely have no qualms about killing them to set Tariq free.

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Not to mention, Tasha and Monet exchanged words in Season 1 of Power Book II: Ghost about her business dealings with Tariq. It’s clear Monet entertained the thought of killing Tariq, so Tasha may decide to tie up the loose end.

Since the writing team has had no qualms with bringing back characters — we’re looking at you two, Lauren Baldwin (Paige Hurd) and 2-Bit (Michael J. Ferguson) — anything is possible.

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