‘Every time our boss meets an interesting person he brings them into consult’: Worker puts their startup on blast for having more consultants than employees

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The anonymous owner of the startup-themed TikTok account Stopdown Life (@stopdownlife) claimed the startup they work at now has more consultants than employees.

“It’s absolute carnage,” the anonymous TikToker wrote. “Every time our boss meets an interesting person he brings them into consult. Don’t need their skill set yet? Who cares! £1200 a day – an absolute bargain!”

The video currently has over 574,000 views and has sparked considerable discussion.

@stopdownlife Please please say someone else is working somewhere like this. #startup #entrepreneur #toxicculture #work #sundayscaries ♬ Love You So – The King Khan & BBQ Show

In comments, some users speculated about why and how a company can afford to do this.

“Average start up. They have too much funding pre recession and spend on whatever they can think of,” wrote a commenter. “Too much funding is a curse in the wrong hands.”

The owner of the Stopdown Life account agreed, writing, “I definitely think too much funding and not enough time pressure can be incredibly dangerous.”

Others shared similar stories from their startups.

“Used to work for a narcissist owner managed business…consultants, coaches, the full works. total ego trip!” one user alleged.

“I work at a start-up that is exactly the same. We don’t have funding though. There is just £0 profit but a lot of planning and strategising,” another said. “We set targets that are based on nothing & then keep being surprised when targets are not met or blaming everything except [for] that person who set them.”

“I worked on a 5 person real estate team with 1 marketing consultant and 3 ‘executive coaches,’” a third recalled.

There were even some alleged consultants who chimed in to call out this behavior.

“I am that consultant. Currently at three start ups just because I am friends with the founders,” a commenter stated. “This hit too close to home.”

“As someone who does consult for businesses, this isn’t fun for us either,” a second wrote. “Everyone says something different & it’s frustrating.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Stopdown Life via email.

Source: https://www.dailydot.com/irl/startup-more-consultants-than-employees/