Etymology of the word for ginger (the plant) by u/sKru4aThe…

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Etymology of the word for ginger (the plant)

by u/sKru4a

The map shows French and Latin as the
source word for English. This is because according to Wikipedia, the
modern “ginger” comes from the Old English word, but under heavy
influence by French.

I find it
interesting that Armenian and Georgian share the same word, even if they
are not from the same language family. Probably one influenced the

Most of the languages
apparently use the same word for the plant and the spice, but there
seems to be a difference in Greek – “piperoriza” for the plant and
“tzintzer” for the spice. I listed both. Edit: “piperoriza” comes from
“piperi”, meaning “pepper”, probably referring to the spicy taste of

The dotted lines reflect connections where I couldn’t find clear etymology, but it is rather based on my speculations.

I know that the boxes do not accurately reflect the positions of the
languages – I tried to arrange it as best as I can. I had some
difficulties with Czech, Slovak and Hungarian as the lines currently
cross. To confirm, the words in Czech and Slovak come from Italian, the
word in Hungarian – from Latin. Also, I took the liberty of combining
Czech and Slovak in one box, because as far as I understand it is the
same word with slight pronunciation differences.

/ MLG” means “Middle High German / Middle Low German”; “SC” means
“Serbo-Croatian”; and “MK” means “Macedonian”. Sorry for the
abbreviations, but I had to make space.

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